Mrs. A.O. Alaofin

English Language

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English Language is one of the core subjects every student needs. It improves students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. However, it takes a conscientious and deliberate effort to master these skills. I'm passionate about teaching English Language in EBCO because it has a wide variety of fun and learning activities. These activities build and challenge the competence of students. Competence in English Language positively influences students' performances in other subjects. No subject can be taught without using one, if not all of the language skills and that makes it an invaluable subject.

Mr. D. I. Adefenwa

English and Literature-in-English Teacher
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I have spent some years immersed in communicative language pedagogy and I have had tough tutorial moments of teaching uninspired curriculum to students who were clearly disengaged. After having to face this pedagogical ordeal, I started asking questions and I came to a conclusion that, a 21st century student needs to acquire the four skills I tagged “the 4Cs”. Communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration are all indispensable skills needed by anyone preparing for tomorrow. Are you ready for a fun filled language learning experience? Meet me in the department at Emmanuel Baptist College.

Mrs. T. M. Ayandoye

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Literature-in-English is a subject that makes one look beyond the literal meaning of words, which helps develop the mind. This makes one have edge over so many people in the society. Emmanuel Baptist College provides the right environment to lay the solid foundation of our future world class poets, editors, journalists etc.

Mrs F. O. Sinkaye

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Mathematics is referred to as the backbone of all science inclusive of the Art and commercial. Our day to day activities are based on our right application of Mathematics. An expert fashion designer must have a good knowledge of accuracy in measurements and precision, a good Artist must be accurate with calculation, a trader must be accurate with calculations etc. A student in secondary school must have a minimum of credit to gain admission into the university and so on. So I can boldly say that Mathematics is a link to life. Without Mathematics, every activity is kept on hold. So we all live a life based on calculation. Welcome to a world of Mathematics.

Mr. Malomo

+234 810-166-7198

Mathematics is the cradle of all creations, without which the world cannot move an inch. A cook or a farmer, a carpenter or a mechanic, a shopkeeper or a doctor, an engineer or a scientist, a musician or a magician, everyone needs Mathematics in their day-to-day life. I cannot forget a friend, Olajide Foluke, who changed my mindset about Mathematics. She said Mathematics is all about adhering strictly to given set of instructions which can be or are represented mathematically. This makes Mathematics the simplest subject since all that it requires is to adhere to given instructions. Most students think Mathematics is limited to the four rules; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. As boring as Mathematics may seem to them as a result of their wrong mindset, certain qualities that are nurtured by Mathematics are power of reasoning, creativity, abstract thinking, critical thinking and problem-solving ability. Mathematics quickens our minds and helps us to think deeply when we are faced with complex problems. Our life is composed largely of situations of choice, reasoning and problems to which solutions have to be found. In that sense, Mathematics helps you to open your mind and to understand that there is only one way to solve things. It is to investigate and finally conclude. The greatest hurdle in the process of learning mathematics is lack of practice. Consistent and constant tasking of the brain is the secret of the Mathematicians.

Mr. A. I. Olosho

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Chemistry is not just a branch of science, it’s a way of life. It encompasses the study of everything that is visible and invisible, tangible and intangible. Life could be good or bad. It is acidic. We have heartburns, which is bad. It is basic, we suffer acne, which is bad. It is good, when it is buffer- a balance in the acidic basic life chain, like a body blood. All these can be explained through the knowledge of chemistry, which I love to communicate to my students. In EBCO, chemistry students are exposed to thorough and comprehensive theoretical knowledge, complemented with hands-on analytical laboratory skills, that will make them outstanding in their senior secondary school examinations and lay solid foundation for their career in future.

Engr. A. Adenekan

+234 803-407-2716

Physics is the bedrock of science and technology/engineering. Physics as a profession/subject is second to nature and man's interaction with energy and nature. Energy in forms of sound, heat, light, electricity, mechanics and so on which makes the world one and keep the earth in place to glorify God's work. I love physics.

Pastor Olutosho

Technical Drawing

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Technical drawing is a very important subject for students hoping to study any engineering course in the tertiary institution. Those who have sound knowledge of the subject have better advantage studying engineering. Apart from this, the subject helps the students to develop vision, that is the ability to visualize what is behind the surface of object and to come out with appropriate solution.

Mrs. G. A. Salami

Basic Science

Personally, I love Basic Science as a subject and love to teach it because it broadens one’s knowledge and experience about living and non-living components including, human composition and their environment. It is the basis to all other science subjects in the Senior Secondary School. Learning the subject is interesting to us in EBCO because of the relevant colourful illustrations involved.

Mrs E. E. Ayandibu


+234 803-821-8617

Teaching Commerce is what I enjoy doing. Commerce is an applied subject, It deals with `things you can think of or see around you. It helps to increase our standard of living, generates employment opportunities and increases national income and wealth. I love teaching it and it’s an honour to teach the subject in EBCO

Mr. F. A. Adeyemi

Financial Accounting
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Financial Accounting in a very crucial subject as Almighty God Himself is the great Accountant. Accounting as a subject gives opportunity to anyone who studies the subject to work in any part of an organisation. There is no organisation that does not need accounting. Assets, liabilities and capital is a stage we need to follow in life for good investment.

Mrs. R. A. Oladimeji


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The word "Geography" is coined from two Greek words; "geo" meaning earth and "graph" meaning to describe. So geography is the description of the earth. It is a social science subject which deals with the study of man and his activities within his environment. It helps us to understand the physical environment around us. The career prospect of the subject include Land Survey, Urban and Regional Planning, Estate Management, Military Studies, Aviation, Architecture and so many others.

Mr. Olufemi Peter Adelokun

+234 706-637-3807

I love teaching Government because it deals with administration and human society, providing solutions to human problems which give us better understanding of our society.

Mrs. S. A. Aina


It's no secret that I am a Francophile and an ardent supporter of the French language. It is of course my bread and butter, but my love for the French language goes much beyond that. I find myself constantly enamoured by the nuances of the language and i'm known to wax eloquent about every new idiom I learn. One such friend asked me why I love the language so much. I suppose he expected me to give the usual replies:
• It’s a beautiful, lyrical language.
• It’s the language of love.
• It’s the language of literature.
• It’s the language of fine cuisine.
or even the very obvious:
• How could I teach the language, if I didn’t love it? It is all of that of course –
I cannot deny that it’s one of the most beautiful languages. I love how everything sounds so beautiful in French – even the curse words don’t sound harsh. But what I am learning to appreciate more and more about the language is its correctness. I love that the French have managed to hold on to the correct way of speaking / writing in certain circumstances. Elitist as it may sound, I am weary of the liberties we take with English, allowing native influences to take over and twist the Queen’s language into something that is often not excusable in the name of evolution. I love everything about French. The vocabulary, the grammar, the pronunciation and the culture embedded in the language. It’s no wonder it’s so highly regarded as a beautiful language even though it may not be as commonly spoken as English.

Miss E. A. Adeniyi

Animal Husbandry Teacher
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Animal Husbandry is a newly introduced trade subject. It deals with the breeding of farm animals till maturity/market size. Apart from being a B.Agric holder, I'm a practicing and an experienced animal farmer who loves to impact and share my knowledge with young minds. EBCO animal farm gives me such opportunity to train prospective animal farmers.

Mrs A. F. Aiyedun

Foods and Nutrition

Foods and Nutrition is a subject that deals essentially with what human beings cannot do without which is food. Every food has its value in terms of vitamins, protein, carbohydrate, fat and oil etc. The subject takes care of taking balanced diet. It also makes students to be self-reliant. I love to impact this knowledge to my students so that they can become competent food scientists in life.

Mrs O.O. Anishe

Home Economics
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Home Economics is a study that deals with the relationships between individuals, families communities and the environment. Home Economics has become a very important school subject. Today, it prepares males and females for home-making and employment opportunities that require Home Economics skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Mr. Solomon Akindele

+234 810-404-0646

Music is a remarkable medium of expression that involves the combination of sounds and silence which are arranged in a manner that is pleasant to the ear. The expressive nature of musical notes gives every music created or performed, the ability to communicate a thought, idea or feeling by itself irrespective of the language of the lyrics or even if it is only instrumentation. The art of Music provides countless lucrative career opportunities and creates varieties of interesting jobs including that of a music artiste, producer, composer/arranger, songwriter/lyricist, technologist, instructor and teacher. There are other available occupations in the area of Music. As a subject, the study of Music can be divided into three main aspects: A. Practicals (applied music) B. Theory and composition C. History and literature of music. Music is not only artistic but also scientific and social. It is quite interesting, vast and versatile. Teaching Music is exciting and fulfilling as It gives the opportunity to impart the knowledge how create a universally acceptable manner of expression in a creative and aesthetic way.

Counseling Unit

Mr. John Benard
+234 806-446-8924

Welcome to the counseling unit of Emmanuel Baptist College, Tanke, Ilorin. Here we render guidance and counseling services to ensure that our students get the best out of their academic pursuit and maximize their potentials. This is achieved through:
• giving proper orientation to new intakes to familiarize them with the school environment and be properly integrated into the school.
• keeping of accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive academic, career, health and other records of students and using the data to assist the students on a continuous basis as needs arise.
• identifying the needs and challenges of students and providing solutions to such needs through one-on-one and group counseling sessions depending on the nature of the challenges.
• placement of students into appropriate classes in accordance with their academic records, interests, results of various psychological tests and other personal characteristics.
• assisting students in selecting the right UTME subjects combinations as well as in choosing the right university.
• organizing periodical career day programmes and bringing in resource persons and professionals to enlighten students on the reality in the world of work as well as the requirement for entry and progress in various professions.

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